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Routine Helper

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This hands-on Routine Helper makes everyday activities way more fun!
The magnetic timber tiles are made especially for little hands and minds – easy
interpret, grasp and a breeze to wipe clean after an attack of the inevitable sticky
Flipping the tile over to reveal a star gives a sense of achievement, encourages
responsibility and provides positive reinforcement.
The original concealed magnetic timber picture helpers by Second Scout™ look
just like solid timber, but are actually magnetic! So, you have peace of mind that
there are no exposed magnets when you’ve got little hands around.
Set includes:
1 double sided display stand & 20 double sided magnetic tiles:
• Morning tiles - breakfast, bathroom, clean teeth, get dressed, brush hair,
sunscreen, shoes on, snack, wash hands, lunch
• Afternoon/night tiles - rest, snack, wash hands, dinner, bath/shower,
pyjamas, clean teeth, bathroom, story time, sweet dreams