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Halo&Horns Bamboo Fitted Basinet Sheet - Storm

Halo&Horns Bamboo Fitted Basinet Sheet - Storm

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The Halo&Horns deliciously soft Bamboo Bassinet Sheet can be used as a change cover or in a basket and conveniently comes with a matching drawstring bag for easy and neat storage. 

These gorgeous baby basics are a beautiful and simple pallet for styling your nursery Your babies sensitive skin will thank you for the silky benefits of our premium bamboo including thermo regulating and hyper allergenic, not to mention being the softest resting area for your babe to sleep.  These also make excellent change mat covers and baby nest covers.

  • Stretchy to fit most Basinets
  • Crease free
  • Soft, lightweight and breathable
  • Standard Size 132 x 77 x 19 cm

Our fabric composite :  Bamboo Spandex 180 gsm

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