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Natural Eco Paints

Natural Eco Paints

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Amazing nature-inspired paint kit: multi-purpose and eco-friendly paints for all kinds of art, craft, and play activities! Natural Eco Paints are a game changer - they are plant-derived paint powders that come to life when you add water and can be mixed to match your application, a poster paint for brushing and stamping, a watercolour or a finger paint. Our 8 colour range of paint powders, which are coloured with vegetables, roots, seeds and flowers, are so versatile that they can also be used to colour homemade sensory bases: playdough, potions, slime, oobleck and sensory rice.

Contains: 8 x 50g powdered paints including black, brown, purple, blue, green, red, orange, and yellow, custom vegan bristle birch paint brush, compostable mixing containers, spoons and stirrers (sustainable timber - FSC certified). Each kit makes up to 2 litres of gluten free paint 🌈 and is 98% compostable Winner of the SILVER medal in the Kids Activities 2+ category of the 2022 Clean & Conscious Awards

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